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Founded in 1968, Klein Marine Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitcham Industries, Inc., is the world's leading supplier of side scan sonar equipment and waterside security and surveillance systems. Klein Marine Systems enjoys a worldwide reputation of excellence founded on high-quality products and customer service. Klein side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide.

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September 21-24, 2017

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Side Scan And Bathymetric Sonar Systems

System 5900 Advance Mine Hunting Multi-Beam Side Scan Sonar
  • High-Speed Mine Counter Measures (MCM ) Mission Support

  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Missions (ISR)

  • Route Surveys

  • Rapid Environmental (Bathymetry) Assessment Surveys

System 4900 Side Scan Sonar for Survey & Recovery Applications
  • Search & Recovery

  • Hydrographic Surveys

  • Geological Surveys

  • Pipe Line Surveys

HYDROCHART 3500 Hydrographic Survey System
  • Shallow Water Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys

  • Nautical Charting

  • Benthic Habitat Mapping

  • Dredging Operations

AUV/UUV 3500 High-Resolution Side Scan Sonar
  • Hydrographic / Geophysical Surveys

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Small Object Detection

  • Mine Countermeasures / Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Surveys

Maritime Surveillance & Security Solutions

Waterside Security IMDSS

  • Coastal Surveillance

  • Maritime Border Security

  • Vessel Traffic Monitoring

Waterside Security IWDSS

  • Port and Harbor Surveillance

  • Critical Infrastructure - Key Resource Site protection

  • Airport waterside perimeter intrusion detection

Waterside Security EWDSS

  • Offshore Oil/Gas Platform Surveillance

  • Mobile Drilling Unit (MODU) Security

  • Vessel Waterborne Intruder Detection

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