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Training Courses and Seminars
June 20-22, 2017
In-House Side Scan Sonar Training

We will be hosting a three (3) day side scan sonar training at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye Beach, NH. Practical sessions on UNH Gulf Challenger, based in Newcastle, NH. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of sonar image analysis as well as get hands-on experience with single beam sonars such as the dual-frequency Klein 4900 and the high-speed, Multi-Beam Klein 5000 V2 .

Training limited to 30 seats ~ Make sure you register early!
For reservations contact or call Carol Morrissey at +1 (603) 893-6131 Ext. 272

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July 24-28, 2017
Sonar Workshop - St. Augustine, FL
St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program
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Side Scan Sonar Customer Specific Training Course at Klein Marine Systems, Inc.
Operator and Basic System Maintenance Training for Klein Systems is available at Klein's facility in Salem, NH for a group of 20 people (maximum).

Training Includes:
° 2 Days in Classroom
° 1 Day at Sea
° SSS Interpretation and Training Manual per student

Hydrographic Survey Systems Training at Klein Marine Systems, Inc.
Operator and Basic System Maintenance Training for Klein Hydrographic Survey systems is available at Klein's facility in Salem, New Hampshire for $5,250.00 USD and for a group of 20 people (maximum) plus $63.00 per person for training materials. Cost for the boat rental is an additional $2,650.00 for the at-sea day.

Training includes:
° 2 Days in the Classroom
° 1 Day at Sea
° Training Manual

HarborGuard® System Training
Operator and Maintenance training courses for the HarborGuard® System are provided by Klein Marine Systems, Inc. upon customer request. The HarborGuard® System is configurable hence training courses are normally tailored to the installed system configuration(s). Onsite training following system commissioning is recommended to ensure the students understand the specifics of their system configuration.

Fundamental HarborGuard® training courses can also be provided at the Klein's Salem, NH facility; however, these courses may not reflect the actual equipment configuration as deployed onsite at the customer's location.

Klein 3900 Training Video
Provided by Black Laser Learning, this training video will show you how to operate the Klein 3900 sonar utilizing the Klein Sonar Pro software. The perfect training solution for first timers using the system or those needing a refresher.
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