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Innovative survey tools for the green revolution

At every stage of the life of an offshore wind farms, side scan sonars have a crucial role to play. From the early stages of site assessment and seabed characterization to the regular foundation inspection during operations to ensure safe and well-maintained infrastructure, the need for the best quality seafloor imagery is clear. Klein’s global reputation for high resolution, photographic quality images makes us the ideal partner for your renewables operations. Across the full range of side scan sonars, Klein can offer solutions compliant with all major renewables survey guidelines, including European Offshore Renewable Energy (SSS-A to G), US Offshore Renewable Energy (Reconnaissance, COP Boulder, UXO, Seabed Mobility), BOEM Geophysical Guidelines and SUT-OSIG.


Geophysical and UXO survey

As survey guidelines get more rigorous, Klein side scan sonar technology can help futureproof your offshore operations, de-risking your investment and delivering the highest quality data. Able to detect golf ball sized objects at up to 12 kts, Klein’s 5900 sonar is suitable for geophysical site assessment surveys and UXO surveys. The addition of automatic target recognition via Spectral Ai software can reduce the time needed to detect, locate and classify objects of interest.

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Localized seabed assessment

With guidelines often requiring a seabed survey within the past 6 months before operations can commence, the rapidly deployed and easy to use nature of Klein side scan sonars makes them ideal for refreshing survey data. With two dedicated UUV payloads, micro or standard AUVs can be used to update survey data while minimizing cost and mobilization time. Alternatively, the 4-series range of professional survey towfish provide impressive imagery to be deployed from survey vessel, manned or unmanned.


Foundation inspection

The seabed around offshore wind turbines is not static and regular foundation and scour inspections are needed. Whether deployed from a traditional survey vessel, USV or AUV, Klein side scan sonars give the highest quality images to enable assessment of scour around offshore structures.

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