NEMO 900k Hz 15m range Chasseur wreck debris 1

Marine Archaeology

Side scan sonar plays a key role in the physical search phase of many marine archaeological projects. With the ability to image large areas of the seafloor with high resolution, Klein’s survey sonars have long been used by archaeological organizations and institutes around the world to support their work.

Portland wreck 1

Wreck preservation and monitoring

Once located, regular monitoring may be required to ensure preservation of an important or historic wreck. Klein’s side scan sonars can identify changes in the seabed surrounding the wreck or the wreck itself, providing invaluable data to support vital conservation activities.

5900 150m range 8 5knot Barge Wreck no data

Marine salvage

If the wreck or cargo is to be recovered, Klein’s side scan sonars can provide valuable data and imagery to support operations.

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