AUV UUV3500 ECA Dornier Fullrez2

Search and locate

Side scan sonar is an ideal tool for searching the seafloor for objects of interest, as it enables large areas to be surveyed rapidly from a vessel without the need to deploy divers. Klein sonars have been used to support search and recovery operations around the world, by police, fire and government agencies, as well as charitable organisations.

AUV UUV3500 Bridge Pilings

Disaster recovery

After a natural disaster such as a typhoon or tsunami, there is a need to image the seafloor to identify and assess any hazards and ensure safe passage for vessels, as well as participating in any search and recovery operations. A high specification side scan sonar such as the Klein 5000v2 is a valuable tool for coastguard agencies and government organizations to ensure safe operations.

S4000 sonar data170628095400 CH12 to sonar data170628100600 CH12

Marine accidents

In the rescue, recovery and investigation phases, the ability to rapidly and accurately image the seafloor is vital in the case of marine accidents.

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