Who we are now……

Klein Marine Systems is the world's leading side scan sonar manufacturer and we are immeasurably proud of where we are and how we got here. We are currently undergoing a remarkable period of innovation, renovation and change which is being revealed through our new branding, logos and soon our new website.

Our colors and logo might be changing; but our commitment to the most advanced technologies, operations and customer service will remain consistent! Klein strives to provide the highest quality products and service to a wide range of Military and Commercial customers.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy requires measurement and closure of any and all issues brought to our attention. The best way to maintain customer satisfaction is to deliver robust products that meet the customer’s expectations – Klein has done this for over 55 years with many of our products remaining in service for over 20+ years.

Our look might have changed; however, our commitment to quality products and unmatched service to our customers is unchanged!