Klein 4K-MAX is a professional series side scan sonar which combines the patented gap-filling technology of the MA-X View 600 sonar with the enhanced bottom tracking accuracy of a Tru-Bottom™ Tracking dedicated altimeter and an improved nadir gap-filler processing algorithm. The 4K-MAX delivers unprecedented focused 600kHz imagery (equivalent to 900kHz resolution) at an optimized range of 50 meters per side (maximum range of 120 meters per side) with co-registered 850kHz nadir gap-fill data. This is a powerful solution for professional underwater surveys.


Traditional side scan sonar systems have a blind spot directly below the vessel, known as the nadir gap. Surveying this area requires additional time and effort, impacting efficiency and cost.


MA-X Technology addresses this issue by providing:

  • Imaging of the nadir zone: It fills the gap in sonar coverage directly beneath the towfish.
  • MA-X is TRUE grazing angle sonar: This allows for consistent analysis and interpretation of data across the entire surveyed area owing to the excellent shadow casting and high resolution.
  • Reduces the need for ensonifying the nadir area on adjacent lines: This eliminates the need for extra passes or maneuvers to cover the gap, saving time and money.


  • Improved survey efficiency: By eliminating the need to resurvey over the nadir area on adjacent lines, surveys can be completed approximately 40% faster.
  • Reduced vessel fuel savings: Faster survey completion translates to less time spent operating the vessel, resulting in fuel savings.
  • In simple terms, MA-X Technology provides a more efficient way to conduct surveys by filling the nadir gap in sonar coverage and reducing the time needed to complete the process. This leads to cost savings through faster completion times and lower fuel consumption.
MA X View 600k Hz ALS

Klein's innovative focused BLUE TECHNOLOGY™ transducer technology offers several key advantages as listed here:

  1. Improved Along-Track Resolution: This technology allows Klein sonars to achieve high-resolution images comparable to sonars operating at much higher frequencies. This translates to capturing finer details and clearer imagery of underwater features.
  2. Extended Operational Range: Despite offering high resolution, Klein sonars boasts a 33% greater operational range compared to competing sonars using higher frequencies. This allows surveyors to cover larger areas while maintaining high image quality.
  3. Motion-Tolerant Design: Klein's transducer design is engineered to be motion-tolerant, resulting in up to 30% improvement in along-track resolution compared to competing sonars. This is crucial for maintaining image clarity even when operating in rough sea conditions or when the vessel experiences significant motion.

Key Features

  • Complete Nadir Coverage
  • 40% increase in survey efficiency
  • Focused 600 kHz Side Scan/850 kHz Nadir Gap-Filler
  • Enhanced Motion Tolerance
  • Tru-Bottom™ Tracking
  • Broadbrand CHIRP
  • Klein BLUE TECHNOLOGY for superior imaging performance
  • Depth Rated to 300 m


  • Offshore Renewable Energy and Oil/Gas Surveys
  • Mine Countermeasures (MCM) type surveys
  • Cable Route Surveys
  • Engineering Site Surveys
  • Habitat Mapping Surveys

Maximise your survey efficiency without compromising image quality

The 4K-MAX represents another industry first for Klein, with complete nadir coverage in an easy-to-use survey system.