Designed by surveyors, for surveyors

The Klein 4K-SVY was designed specifically for use in offshore energy survey operations and is compliant with US and international standards & guidelines.

  • Compliant surveys: Compliant with BOEM, US and European Offshore Renewable Energy, NOAA, IHO and USACE standards & guidelines.
  • Dual-mode operation: Survey/high definition (300/600 kHz) simultaneous modes of operation with optimized range and resolution-dependent configurations
  • Enhanced motion tolerance: Expand the window of operations with enhanced motion tolerance.
  • Ideal for shallow water towing: Innovative towfish design to minimize the chance of surface reflections affecting the data.
  • Unmatched image quality and range performance: Klein’s innovative transducer design and advanced processing algorithms come together to give the highest quality images.
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Unparallel professional surveys designed for offshore energy applications

  • Offshore Renewable Energy Surveys: Conduct compliant surveys with a system optimised for shallow water deployments.
  • Oil and Gas Surveys: Survey and inspect pipelines, cables and other offshore infrastructures with confidence.
  • Cable Route Surveys: Accurately survey shallow and deep-water environments, producing detailed seafloor images.

Elevate your underwater exploration