Produce MHz-type resolution without sacrificing range performance

The Klein 4K UHR dual frequency side scan sonar was designed specifically with Klein’s innovative focused transducer technology to deliver ultra-high resolution surveys with improved range performance and motion tolerance.

  • Compliant surveys: Compliant Offshore Renewable/Oil/Gas, BOEM, NOAA, USACE & IHO standards & guidelines.
  • Ultra-high resolution images: Greatly improved along-track resolution and 33% greater operational range compared to sonars with much higher frequencies.
  • Enhanced motion tolerance: Klein’s motion-tolerant transducer design produces up to a 30% improvement in along-track resolution compared to other sonars.
  • Dual-mode operation: High Resolution/Ultra-High Resolution (600/900 kHz) simultaneous modes of operation with optimized range and resolution-dependent configurations.
4 K UHR 900k Hz focused 20m range sandwavestargets 7

Designed by surveyors, for surveyors

  • Offshore Renewable Energy Surveys: Conduct compliant surveys with a system optimised for shallow water environments
  • Oil and Gas Surveys: Survey and inspect pipelines, cables and other offshore infrastructures with confidence.
  • High resolution Hydrographic Charting Surveys: Produce ultra-high resolution seafloor images for accurate charting and surveying.

Elevate your underwater exploration