Scribe analyzes and displays your survey data

SpectralAi Scribe is a revolutionary new feature-rich application which affords the user the ability to efficiently and intuitively interact with survey data. Create a project from previously acquired survey data and review in traditional waterfall Playback or use the Preview to migrate to areas of interest. Data can be viewed in full native sonar resolution using the Zoom feature to investigate features or targets in detail. Customized layouts provide users the flexibility to adapt to different workflows and tasks. Esri database or raster background charts are supported in the Map display together with survey tracks and custom point data visualization.

Advanced Target Management enables annotation, mensuration, management, filtering and reporting whilst visualized directly in the Waterfall and Preview as well as geospatially on the Map. All display widgets have temporospatial synchronization enabling full user data immersion. Scribe sets the new standard for interacting with survey data.

Nexus is used to train models that Scribe ATR then employs to find new classes of targets in your survey data

SpectralAi Nexus employs Deep Learning Technology to convert your Scribe target annotations into a trained Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model. These models are then used for automatic target recognition (ATR) processing of survey data. The models generated are proprietary to the organization and data. As targets are annotated from additional survey data, Nexus will continually improve the models by re-training in Nexus. Best of all, Nexus requires no internet connection! Nexus runs on local NVIDIA GPU based hardware.

Nexus provides comprehensive target management enabling multiple projects to be merged into a single solution. The targets from each project are loaded into the Target Catalog and Target Editor. The Target Catalog filters and refines the final target dataset used to train the CNN model. Nexus also enables further target editing prior to training and will display a target in context in a high-resolution waterfall display.

After training, run your model in Scribe ATR to find targets automatically

SpectralAi Scribe ATR expands Scribe’s user experience with the addition of an ATR toolbar. The Scribe ATR toolbar adds Deep Learning Technology to automatically detect and classify targets in survey data. It uses the CNN models created by Nexus to process data in a fraction of the time it would take a person to review, and target annotate the data. For example, a 2-hour survey with 103,000 pings can be fully processed in 12 minutes (on NVIDIA 3090, 10X real time!).

Scribe ATR is a force multiplier for survey work, reducing the overall time required to classify targets in survey data. Like Nexus, Scribe ATR requires no internet connection. Scribe ATR will run in near real-time, batch mode, or scripted command line, at sea, or in an office environment.

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