System 4900 GO

Versatile side scan sonar for search and recovery and coastal surveys

The Klein System 4900 is an easy to operate, dual frequency, portable system with high quality image resolution at long ranges.

  • Long range, high-resolution images: combining innovative transducer design with proprietary algorithms and processing technology to give extraordinary long-range high-resolution seafloor images.
  • Designed for wide area and deep-water searches: depth rated to 300m, the high quality images at long ranges give wide area coverage.
  • Portable system: designed for one person launch and recovery, with portable carry case for easy transport.
S4900 Gallery1

High-definition seafloor images in a portable package

  • Search and Recovery: high fidelity, high-definition imaging capability in an easy-to-use portable system ideal for the challenges of search and recovery missions.
  • Coastal Surveys: the rugged construction, selectable frequencies and 300m depth rating provide superb capabilities for coastal surveys.

Support your search and recovery missions with the Klein 4900