One of the industry’s first side scan sonar

Klein’s 5000 V2 is a major upgrade and technology refresh of the original commercial side scan system, the 5000. With the additional of new features for long-range coverage and consistent cross track resolution, the 5000 V2 offers advanced high resolution, dynamically focused side scan sonar images for high-speed military and commercial surveys.

  • High-resolution high-speed survey: Advanced technology combined with advanced beam steering and dynamic focusing gives extremely sharp along track resolution at tow speeds up to 10 kts.
  • 100% bottom coverage: Nadir gap filler sonar provides 100% bottom coverage at high resolution, reducing survey time and eliminating the need for repeat surveys.
  • Integrated swath bathymetry: More accurately position seabed targets with co-registered advanced interferometric swath bathymetry sonar.
  • New reconnaissance mode: Extends long range coverage to 250 meters per side without compromising along track resolution.
S5000 V2 Bathy Side Scan Sonar Display

Unparalleled performance in a robust, field-proven system

  • Surface MCM operations: Conduct highly efficiency surveys with impressive resolution with a robust COTS system.
  • Q-route surveys: Conduct rapid surveys at high resolution with 100% bottom coverage with a robust system designed for the challenges of unknown waters.
  • Geophysical surveys: Future-proof your surveys for offshore renewables with a system that exceeds current specifications.
  • Hydrographic surveys: Carry out reliable surveys with a robust and high resolution side scan sonar

Future proof your surveys by using next-generation technology today

Building upon decades of side scan sonar expertise, the Klein 5000 V2 is a major upgrade of the industry’s first commercial system, resulting in a highly efficient, high resolution sonar system for high speed survey.