5900 KWIV GO

Klein’s flagship military side scan sonar system

The 5900 system is an industry leading robust side scan sonar system that provides near-SAS level performance by utilising Klein’s innovative high resolution, high speed technology alongside fully integrated AI software.

  • High-speed high-resolution survey: 3.2cm across track resolution, 0.07° along track resolution at survey speeds up to 12kts, permitting acquisition of ultra-high resolution data rapidly with near SAS level performance.
  • 100% bottom coverage: Nadir gap filler sonar provides 100% bottom coverage at high resolution, reducing survey time and eliminating the need for repeat surveys.
  • Integrated bathymetry: Co-registered bathymetry for topographic information to provide an invaluable quality factor to aid real time decision making.
  • Motion tolerant design: Expand the window of operations with the inherent motion tolerant design of the 5900.
  • Automatic target recognition: ATR for MCM operations with Spectral Ai software, allowing real time, rapid in-field object detection and identification.
S5900 9

Unparalleled performance in a robust, field-proven system

  • MCM operations: Conduct highly efficiency surveys with near-SAS level resolution in a wide operating window, shortening MCM campaigns by up to weeks.
  • Surveillance missions: Conduct rapid surveys at high resolution with 100% bottom coverage with a robust system designed for the challenges of unknown waters.
  • Geophysical and UXO surveys: Future-proof your surveys for offshore renewables with a system that exceeds current specifications.

Revolutionize your critical operations with the Klein 5900

The 5900 represents a step change in side scan sonar technology, combining innovative sonar technology with the latest AI software to give a highly efficient, ultra-high resolution system.