D3500 TF GO

Klein’s deep water side scan sonar

The Klein System D3500TF is a digital CHIRP side scan sonar designed for high-resolution, deep water surveys. The high fidelity, high definition imaging abilities make the D3500TF system an ideal and versatile tool for various deep water survey applications.

  • Dual, simultaneous frequencies (100/400 kHz): 100kHz provides long range search capability, 600m per side, while 400kHz provide higher resolution imagery for target classification to 200m per side.
  • Unmatched image quality: Klein’s advanced broadband CHIRP signal processing technology coupled with Klein’s proprietary display algorithms, provides extraordinary long range, and high resolution seafloor acoustic imagery
  • Smart telemetry: data rate and filter settings are selected to maximize data throughput, based upon the electrical parameters of the tow cable, resulting in continuous, high quality imaging.
  • Depth rated to 3000m: for deep water surveys

Unmatched image quality at depth

  • Geology / Geophysical surveys: Maximise your survey efficiency without compromising on image quality.
  • Cable and Pipeline Routing and Inspection: Survey and inspect pipelines, cables and other offshore infrastructures with confidence.
  • Search and Recovery (SAR): reliable imaging capability in an easy-to-use portable system ideal for the challenges of search and recovery missions.
  • Submarine rescue: minimise search effort with long-range survey capability.

Elevate your underwater exploration